Film Production

A true story.

It’s one of the most fascinating qualities of human beings: they love stories.

Tell a story well, and people will sit in rapt attention. It’s not a conscious decision. They simply can’t help themselves.

At EPIC10, we are storytellers first and foremost. We’ve used our creativity to collaborate on a variety of film projects—including scriptwriting, production, post-production, editing, motion graphics, audio, music and color grading. Depend on EPIC10 for all of it, or for just a part.




Everyone wants to be on the shoot. But you know the truth: the real magic happens after that.

A few people huddle in gray room with monitors, buttons, levers, speakers—and very comfortable sofas.
And from hours and hours of footage, a beautiful story emerges.

We know everyone and his brother will be on the shoot. But we’ll expect to see you in post.

Video editing

Color grading

Remote streaming for live editing in separate cities

Motion graphics and animation

Video encoding, transcoding & up-conversion

Digitize video from legacy videotape formats

16mm/35mm film transfer and scanning

Broadcast evaluation, quality control and duplication

Video standards conversion

DCP creation for theatrical distribution

Closed captioning, subtitling, transcription & translation

Blu-ray & DVD authoring, duplication & fulfillment

Film restoration, archiving & content management

On-set DIT management


Shamelessly entertaining.
  • The Last Dalai Lama?

    A feature documentary filmed at various locations in the US, Canada and India, this film follows His Holiness as he turns 80 years old and shares what he wants to achieve in the rest of his current incarnation.

    A Film By Mickey Lemle
    Edited by: Don Casper and Mickey Lemle
    Music by: Philip Glass and Tenzin Choegyal

  • Portraits of Life

    Follow artist Charmaine Wheatley as she connects with people by capturing their image and thoughts onto painted portraits that celebrate the complexity of their lives and puts a face to those living with mental illness.

    Produced and Directed by: Don Casper
    Original Score: Brian Aloisio and Scott Kockler
    Director of Photography: Denver Miller

  • Pet Monkey

    A short film produced by WillWorkForFame Films and starring Sky Elobar. All post-production was handled by EPIC10 from On-Set DIT to final DCP release for festivals.

    Written and Directed by: Eric Maira
    Cinematography: JR Kraus
    Edited by: Don Casper

  • Adam Imitating Art

    A short film produced by WillWorkForFame Films and starring Eric Maira. All post-production was handled by EPIC10 from On-Set DIT to final DCP release for festivals.

    Directed by: Chris Hogan-Roy
    Cinematography: JR Kraus
    Edited by: Don Casper

  • Boot Barn

    A national TV campaign featuring a chain of Western apparel stores. EPIC10 color graded all shots and prepped for online edit.

    Directed by:  Greg Wilson
    Cinematography: Denver Miller
    Color Grading: EPIC10

  • Diocese of Rochester Catholic Schools

    A TV Campaign to increase awareness and enrollment in the Diocese of Rochester Catholic School system.  Spots aired regionally on TV and through internet distribution.

    Directed & Edited by: Don Casper
    Produced by: Delaney Marketing
    Cinematography: Eric McMaster

  • Gentle Yoga

    A yoga instructional DVD produced and sold in Wegmans Food Markets.

    Produced by: Wegmans
    Director: Thomas Schauer
    Edited by: EPIC10

  • Root31

    A local TV, Radio and Internet campaign to promote the delicious meals being served up at Root31 in Pittsford Plaza.

    Directed & Edited by : Don Casper
    Produced by: Delaney Marketing
    Cinematography: Denver Miller

  • King of Jazz Kickstarter

    A video attached to a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign helped to raise $23,323 from 285 backers for the creation of a book that tells the story of the production and restoration of the 1930 film “The King of Jazz”.

    Written by: James Layton
    Produced by: EPIC10
    Edited by: Don Casper

  • Krishna Das Kickstarter

    This pledge video attached to a 2013 Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign helped to raise over $207,000 from 2,260 people to produce and album of original music by recording artist Krishna Das.

    Produced by: Krishna Das Music
    Director: Mickey Lemle
    Edited by: EPIC10

  • GROC: Bay Park West Yellow Trail

    Part of a series of videos designed for social media release that highlight the work being done by a local non-profit building sustainable shared-use trails in various parks

    Produced by: EPIC10
    Directed by: Don Casper

  • Vision & Hope

    A promotional video highlighting a new project concept to turn a local farm into a sustainable live and work place for austistic adults.

    Produced by: Delaney Marketing
    Cinematography: Eric McMaster
    Written and Directed by: Don Casper

  • The GardenAerial

    A promotional documentary about a non-profit organization working to revitalize Rochester’s High Falls area.

    Produced and Directed by: Don Casper
    Cinematography: JR Kraus
    Original Music: ba_sk

  • Technicolor Two-Color Process

    A six-part series produced in conjunction with an exhibit and website celebrating the 100 year history of Technicolor for the George Eastman House.

    Written and Directed by: James Layton
    Animation by: Dumbwaiter Design
    Edited by: Don Casper

  • Singletrack Nature

    A short documentary that follows kids from downtown Rochester as they experience nature and learn to mountain bike in the woods through an amazing volunteer program.

    Produced by: EPIC10
    Director: Don Casper
    Audio: Brian Aloisio

Our team:

Hugely inspired. Slightly rebellious.
Don Casper

An award winning filmmaker/editor and owner of EPIC10, Don has directed and edited hundreds of corporate videos, TV commercials and has worked on multiple independent films throughout his career. His work has been broadcast internationally, been featured in the New York Times and has received multiple awards from independent film festivals. He recently completed editing the feature documentary The Last Dalai Lama?, released theatrically in 2017 the film is an intimate portrait of what His Holiness hopes to accomplish in his current incarnation. He produced and directed the feature documentary, Signs of the Time, an investigation into the origin of baseball hand signals and their links to Deaf Culture which was released throughout the US and Japan, earning multiple awards including the 2013 New York Emmy® Award for Best Documentary.


A young, powerful force in creating independent films, Eric wrote and directed the short film Pet Monkey, which has been recognized at multiple film festivals and was broadcast on public television. As an actor, he has appeared in serveral films and local television commercials. He is accomplished in storytelling, editing and post-production as well as working at the Little Theatre as a projectionist.


A veteran of broadcast television production, Zaida has produced and edited numerous segments for WXXI-TV and worked on several local independent films. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s photography program, she is an up-and-coming voice in the world of independent film and is currently developing her first short film.